Nan Wang, Executive General Manager for Australia and Africa, MMG

Member of Executive Committee, Nan Wang gave us his analysis of Kinsevere’s long-term commitment for a sustainable growth in the DR Congo.

Can tell us about your background?

I have spent 23 years in mining industry. I started as a mining engineer and worked in several operations across various roles including mining, technical areas and management. Prior to joining MMG, I was the Vice President and Head of Technical Services of Gold Fields Limited for the west African region. I have previously spent six years at MMG in Australia as Group Manager Mining between 2013 and 2019 and this role enabled me to develop a deep knowledge of MMG’s operations. I also worked extensively with other mining companies in different commodities.

Last year, I rejoined MMG as the Executive General Manager for Australia and Africa and have been a member of the Executive Committee since May 2022. I have a deep understanding of MMG’s international operations and am excited by the opportunity to grow and develop our Kinsevere operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In 2023, what is MMG’s vision for expansion in Africa and specially in DRC? How do you quantify MMG’s contributions in the Congolese economy?

We are committed to growing our presence in the DRC and have been investing in our host region the Haut-Katanga province.

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