Meeting Platini KIPELO MANDWE, CEO of EKKM

After studying economics and management, I taught at the university and managed a hospital in Kolwezi from 2007 to 2010.

What is your background?

After studying economics and management, I taught at the university and managed a hospital in Kolwezi from 2007 to 2010. Then it was the beginning of EKMM, where I created my own health center while launching myself into entrepreneurship.

I started EKMM because I saw the reality of all my partners. They were constantly complaining about a lack of quality manpower. The first company to trust me for civil engineering works was Cegelec which was associated with ABB. 

So it started with the provision of manpower. As and when Cegelec had civil engineering works, we recruited. We acquired expertise in concrete, earthworks, and transformer installation. We worked from 2011 to 2016 on the FRIPT project that Glencore financed.

And EKMM in 2023?

EKMM is the archetype of the subcontractor that the miners like to work with. That is to say a serious Congolese contractor who respects the norms and contracts and who works with a local workforce. At present, we have a workforce of 289 employees with a turnover of more than 20 million.

What are the three main strengths of EKMM ?

First, a representation on the whole Congolese territory. Then, a complete and reliable service in the Mining service. The mining companies no longer have to go through small subcontracting; a single interlocutor for several activities and trades. Finally, there are services that the miners will find elsewhere that we will develop locally, such as the supply of coal. Instead of going to Zambia for coal, we have coal in Luena, Tanganyika. We are going to develop this sector locally, it is a real added value for the Congo.

Four achievements in the last six months?

The transport of intramine ores on MMG, a three-year contract that has given full satisfaction. 

Overdrafting and transport at Metalkol for two years. We have just renewed for another two years, until 2025. 

Third contract, with the mining royalty, I worked for the Luilu sector. All the basic infrastructure is the work of EKMM. If today this entity is called a pilot, it is because they had a partner who worked with professionalism. In June 2020, many infrastructures were inaugurated by the governor of Lualaba at the time to materialize the good use of the fee. 

Fourth, we have accompanied Kipay which has developed a solar power plant near Fungurume; 2.4 megawatts in photovoltaic. The official launch is in May 2023.

What is your medium-term vision for your company?

We are in civil engineering, services and mine logistics, for these two sectors, I would like EKMM to expand to the West in the Lower Congo and to the East. EKMM will then become a Congolese company of national dimension.

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