Judith Tuluka Suminwa, first Prime Minister of the DRC

“The task is great, the challenges are immense, but together (…) we will succeed”.

Judith Tuluka Suminwa (57) was appointed head of government by Félix Tshisekedi on Monday 1ᵉʳ April. A first in the history of the DRC.

Mrs Suminwa, who was born in Kongo-Centrale in October 1967, graduated from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) with a master’s degree in Applied Economics, specialising in financial management, and completed her course with a diploma of further studies in Work in Developing Countries.

Before climbing the political ladder, Judith Suminwa honed her skills in the banking sector, laying the foundations for what was to be an exceptional career. Her commitment to the United Nations, in particular the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), as a national expert in a community support project in the east of the country, bears witness to her dedication to the cause of development and stability.

She made the transition to politics at the Ministry of the Budget, where she held a strategic position before being promoted to deputy coordinator of the Presidential Strategic Watch Council (CPVS). Judith Tuluka Suminwa went on to distinguish herself in this role, landing the post of Minister of Planning in the Lukonde II government in March 2023.

Urgent matters

“I know that the task is great, the challenges are immense, but together (…) we will succeed”, declared the Prime Minister just after her appointment. She takes up her post in a complicated security context, with the war in the east of the country in particular.

Her immediate task is to form a new government within a coalition formed by the presidential party and hundreds of political parties.

“My thoughts go out to the East and to all the corners of our country that are now facing conflicts with enemies who are sometimes hidden, who do not reveal themselves, but who will be discovered one way or another”, she added.

Mining and Business Magazine extends its warmest congratulations to Mrs Suminwa and wishes her a successful term of office as Prime Minister of the DRC.


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