Sofibanque The bank, a partner in sustainable development in the Congo

“Giving priority to sustainable mining operations and local processing in the DRC”.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has a wealth of resources, not least its subsoil, which will account for almost 50% of GDP and 70% of overall growth by 2023. However, the exploitation of the country’s resources, particularly mining resources, must be carried out responsibly to ensure sustainable development.

Sofibanque, as a leading financial institution in the DRC, is committed to supporting sustainable development and prioritising local transformation, in line with the theme of DRC Mining Week 2024: “Prioritising sustainable mining operations and local transformation in the DRC”.

Commitment to sustainable development

Sustainable development is essential for the long-term prosperity of the DRC. It is essential to preserve the environment, promote equitable economic growth and improve the living conditions of the population, while strengthening our resilience to global challenges such as climate change. This reasoning applies first and foremost to the mining sector, given its weight in the Congolese economy.

That’s why Sofibanque encourages and finances practices that minimise environmental impact and maximise economic benefits for local communities. Together with our partners in the mining sector, we ensure that the projects financed comply with the strictest environmental standards and make a positive contribution to the local ecosystem.

Support for local processing

Local processing is essential for creating jobs, reducing dependence on raw material exports, stimulating industrial development and adding value to our natural resources. It is by investing in local processing that we will be able to build more diversified and sustainable economies, thereby benefiting local populations in the long term.

This is why Sofibanque invests in training and skills development programmes such as the “Alliance for Biodiversity Protection and Development” project in partnership with Adam Smith International and USAID. In the mining sector, we finance companies of all sizes, creating an integrated value chain that benefits the whole community.

Partnerships for progress

The development of the Congolese economy depends on the cooperation of its stakeholders. Sofibanque therefore works closely with the political authorities, the private sector, financial institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF, and NGOs to create a solid regulatory framework that promotes transparency, fairness and respect for the environment (approval to manage funds for projects financed by the World Bank, ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation for data confidentiality and security, etc.).

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