Editorial of Mining and Business N°47

THE event of the year was undoubtedly the Investing in African Mining Indaba conference in Cape Town. The great mass of the African mining industry gathered the whole world, and the corridors of the CTICC were again crowded. The Copperbelt and the DRC in particular made their voices heard.

Our editorial staff was well represented and in this 47th issue we bring you a behind-the-scenes look at this 2023 vintage.

The highlight in the main hall, the “main stage”, was the address of President Tshisekedi. His speech, in front of his ally Ramaphosa, first denounced the Rwandan aggression without ambiguity. Then, in front of investors who were informed of the realities of the country, he praised the reforms undertaken by the Congo to become a paradise for foreign investment… A lunar shift when the little tune “How am I going to find my way around?” comes back all too often to the ears of those who do business in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mr. Nan Wang, Executive General Manager Australia & Africa Operations, unveils the expansion of MMG in Africa and particularly in the DRC where the mining giant is preparing to launch the “KEP Project”.

Our editorial staff also had the honor to speak with one of the most important men on the continent, Dr. James Mwangi, CEO of Equity Group Holding. In this exclusive interview, he gives us his vision.

As we all know, the major deadline of 2023 is December 20. Christophe Rigaud offers a detailed analysis of the alliances at stake.

Let’s head for June, with another major event for Mining & Business, the DRC Mining Week, of which our publication is the media partner. Through interviews, we will dedicate issue 48 of M&B to the Congo, to the women and men who are leaders in their industries and key players in the Congo on the move. To be continued.


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