Editorial of Mining and Business Magazine N°48

On the occasion of the DRC Mining Week on June 14, 15 and 16, 2023, we are pleased to present the very first issue of Mining & Business Magazine with a macro-economic focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This spotlight on the country is all the more necessary as the DRC is resolutely positioning itself on the issue of global supply of strategic minerals, but also aims to become one of the main players in the fight against climate degradation through its geographical position in the heart of the forest basin of Central Africa.

We present a 360 degree panorama of the leaders in their industry, the reference interlocutors in DRC. But also, challengers in each economic sector. Far from any bias, this issue 48 has the ambition to value and promote the dynamism of private entrepreneurship in the Congolese economy whose resources should, if well managed, be sufficient to guarantee the well-being of each Congolese.

The editors would like to thank you, the business owners who have understood the importance of our project and who have renewed their confidence in us with each new edition. Indeed, the Congo still has a reputational deficit and the start of a paradigm shift can only come from the national actors. Your M&B remains at your disposal to respond to one of our concerns: to restore a positive showcase of the actors of development of the DRC.

On behalf of the Corneille and Sima Group team, I wish you a pleasant reading.

Olivier Delafoy

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