A trophy for La Kinoise and its founder Tisya Mukuna 

“Our generation is showing that it is capable” Tisya Mukuna, one of the winners  of the World Agriculture 2023 Awards 

Her brand La Kinoise was rewarded at the 59th International Agricultural Show in Paris. A feeling of immense pride for the founder Tisya Mukuna that she wished to confide to M&B Magazine.

During the 59th edition of the International Agricultural Show in Paris, Tisya Mukuna, founder and CEO of La Kinoise was awarded one of the “Trophées des Agriculteurs du Monde 2023″. The show, which “gathers every year all the actors of the agricultural world” is “the agricultural event of reference, not only in France, but also abroad”, says the SIA on its website.

La Kinoise, who represented the DRC at the 2023 edition, along with other participants “help to present the different facets of the agricultural and agri–food sector, its jobs, its developments and its prospects ‘’.

For Tisya Mukuna, “this recognition means a lot to La Kinoise and to me personally because it highlights the work that has been done so far in the Congolese soil”. She is pleased with the success of the “100% Congolese” coffee, the first produced and grown in Kinshasa, because this trophy “shows that not only the plantation with Kinshasa of coffee was possible, but in addition it is good, recognized and plebiscited by its peers.”

“The fact that it was a neutral jury that didn’t necessarily know the story behind La Kinoise that elected it as the ‘Farmer of the World’ trophy shows that it is an incredible coffee and for me all that is important,” she told M&B Magazine.

The entrepreneur is already looking forward to the next edition. For her, “it is possible to have more products from the DRC in 2024,” because the country “has a lot of young entrepreneurs, a lot of women and men and some great products.

The sausages and cheese of Goma, honey, peanut paste, palm wine, the richness of our soil “can and must be highlighted” at the next World Agriculture Fair, says Tisya Mukuna.

“It is the revenge of the new generation that shows that it is capable and visible,” says the one that Forbes Africa has elected in 2022, among the “Africans under 30 years who shape the Africa of tomorrow ”.

“A national pride” 

La Kinoise, who launched her production in 202, has “new challenges and development projects with different types of customers” confides Tisya who remains discreet on the subject, “it will be a surprise in the coming months. She “is a national pride, not only for the youth, but for the whole DRC,” said Bunkulu Yves, Minister of Youth, during a special visit to the recently installed factory in Kinshasa. “La Kinoise encourages the State to accompany entrepreneurs,” he added.

“La Kinoise has embarked on a program of professional integration of young people and mothers “to help them become financially independent through support, training, but also work as independent craftsmen in partnership with our structure.

Hailed by the Congolese on social networks and in the media, Tisya is preparing its projects and thinking big. The fight against unemployment is one of his objectives.  By the end of 2023, La Kinoise has set itself the goal of “providing between 150 and 195” jobs.

“La Kinoise is doing very well and I hope it will continue to progress for many years to come,” says the young entrepreneur, who was born in the DRC and grew up in France. She also counts on the support of partners “to carry this brand Made in Congo”.

Iragi Elisha for M&B Magazine

Nan Wang, Executive General Manager for Australia and Africa, MMG

Hilde Van INTHOUDT Consul General of Belgium in Lubumbashi